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"Exhibitions are a holiday to me. Meantime contacts with people give me strength and inspiration. People often delight with what I'm doing, and I say "Thank God!", since the beauty I can show to them was created by Father. I only admire the charm of nature, play with leaves, flowers and glasses.
Every next exhibition is like a welcome of guests... and the next stage of mycreative life. Will be glad to see you there!"

Marina Zaykova

Welcome to our expositions!

Permanent exposition in Moscow
is situated in the left extension of "Culture" pavilion at All-RussianExhibition Center (VVC)
and is opened all the year round.

The works of Marina Zaykova can be ordered and purchased:
Moscow, ul. Plyuschikha 53, "Desing Udachi" shop, tel. +7 (095) 248-6391
Saint-Petersburg, tel. +7 (812) 591-61-42 - studio, + 7-905-22-33-746 - manager



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