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Watch as the tulips cease to blossom.
The petal falls so very swift.
Faded the moment when with others
It played the finest scarlet gymn
To stem and life.
Why its' decision was to leave,
To break the solidary concord,
Perform descending dance alone
To lifeless whiteness of the table?
Look! There the second one comes down.
Was it an accident or an intention?
So simple: free is flight, and free it is!
Now might it feel the pride of independance...
The motion stops... Too dissapointing.
What's next to him? Slow withering,
Queer change of shape and silent writhing,
Exhaling precious dew of life.
At last no petals in the flower crown.
Exhaused stem lost senses.
But who cares?
Who believes in prince's splendor?
Not that the puff of breeze
That touches lonely body
Can breath in faith that it's alife again.
The glory fainted, petals on the table
Reclined around the cristal vase.
Yet their velvet beauty whispers
Of tender everlasting day.
Composer and Fine Arts specialist by education, artist by nature, improvisator by vocation.
" My credo is to join what haven't been joined, make everything of everything and be happy!"
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